At the Day Care Rehabilitation Center "Yakinthos" there are specialized treatment departments that offer rehabilitation services to patients with mobility and cognitive problems as well as musculoskeletal disorders of acute and chronic pain. 

The rehabilitation program is daily and holistic as it includes all the necessary radiodiagnostic and microbiological examinations, clinical extent and individualized conservative treatment by the scientific team that monitors the patient. And after the completion of the treatment we are close to the patient, providing support and counseling services for as long as needed.

The following are the services offered in our treatment departments: 

"Due to severe pain in the waist, I could not walk. "After only three treatments of intramuscular irritation, the pain completely subsided."

Δ.Μ. Intramuscular Stimulation - Intramuscular Stimulation

"After acute low back pain I could not walk because of the pain. After only 10 Decompression treatments I was able to return to work "

S.A. Backache - Decompression Therapy

"I was moved by the staff's love for patients and their work."

Τ.Γ. Brain paralysis

"Although I had a serious complication from the operation I underwent (total hip arthroplasty) today I can walk without pain"

B.M. Postoperative rehabilitation

"My wife has Alzheimer's and had surgery on her left hip after a fall. Despite the difficult situation today, he can and does walk home with my help "

Χ.Σ. (patient relative) Postoperative rehabilitation
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    Nerve - rehabilitation

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    Robotic Systems

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    Acute and Chronic Pain Clinic

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    Headache Trigger points Therapy

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    Backache Decompression Therapy