An insidious enemy

What do we need to know?

Gradually with the increase of age in people over 65 years, changes occur in the body with the result that the muscle mass and the percentages of water in the body decrease and the fat increases.

What is Sarcopenia?

It is a multifactorial syndrome that leads to a decrease in muscle mass of the elderly body.
What our people say "grandfather can not walk because the muscles melted and became like a string".

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How is it created?
The processes in our body with age malfunction, chronic generalized inflammation occurs, the metabolism of proteins changes and their absorption from the intestine decreases, resulting in a decrease in muscle mass. At the same time, the ability of muscle cells to regenerate is reduced.
Sarcopenia also contributes to increased insulin resistance, multiple diseases, mitochondrial dysfunction (small body energy plants), lipotoxicity and sarcopenia occurs.

All this activates the autonomic nervous system and leads to anorexia, chronic fatigue, loss of muscle coordination, which results in balance and gait disorders, falls and fractures. A vicious circle with further deterioration.

Seek medical advice for any elderly person who loses more than 5% of their original weight and does not follow a weight loss diet.

Seek medical advice for any elderly person with the first appearance of a fall (without unpleasant consequences).

How is it prevented?

Helpful tips:

To prevent and reduce the effects of sarcopenia that usually occurs in people aged 65 and over:

a) Consult a rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist) to adjust:
the nutritional needs of the elderly
chronic generalized inflammation
Establish special rehabilitation programs, activity, exercise and give practical advice

b) Follow a diet rich in protein

c) Add dietary supplements with medical advice

d) Follow rehabilitation programs in rehabilitation centers and deal with the unpleasant consequences of sarcopenia.

Remember, sarcopenia is a multifactorial syndrome and needs to be monitored. Even being overweight does not mean that you do not have sarcopenia, which is hidden by fat.

"The elderly need affection and care"

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