The neurological diseases are the leading cause of most forms of disability worldwide. Consequently, they are the cause of significant social and economic problems, both for patients and their families and for insurance companies.

For this reason, in recent years, scientific research has focused on finding solutions with advanced neuro-rehabilitation technology and new methods of treatment, which provide more reliable results as well as greater and faster recovery options.

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The effectiveness of these methods is high when the patient immediately after the hospital goes to a special Neuro-rehabilitation Center. We, at the Yakinthos Rehabilitation Center, in order to achieve higher levels of patient independence and at the same time the fastest possible recovery, follow the principles of neuroplasticity of the brain, using specialized equipment and innovative treatment methods for:

  • Balance retraining with different systems depending on the stage and abilities of each patient: Balance Trainer device, BioResque device. These are devices that aim to evaluate and correct dysfunctions of motor control and balance. 
  • BWSGT, body weight supported gait training. It is a system that reduces the patient's body weight and facilitates gait. The possibility of gait training is provided even in patients who do not yet have adequate balance in the upright position. patient is trained in gait pattern earlier resulting in faster recovery)
  • The retraining of the upper and lower limb movements through Functional Electrical Stimulation FES & BFB + (This is a Functional Electrical Stimulation using small electrical stimuli to stimulate muscles that do not function due to nerve damage. lost or reduced to improve patient autonomy and quality of life)
  • Dealing with higher brain functions: memory, orientation, judgment, concentration, problem solving, half-eye and inactivity

In addition, to ensure maximum results, Neuro-rehabilitation therapy includes:

  •  Robotic Systems
  •  PNF, Bobath & Padovan methods
  •  Muscle strengthening program
  •  Fall prevention program
  •  Virtual reality program with 3D sensors
  •  Occupational therapy
  •  Speech therapy
  •  Psychological support
  •  Kinesiotherapy
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Nerve - rehabilitation

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Robotic Systems

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Acute and Chronic Pain Clinic

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Headache Trigger points Therapy

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Backache Decompression Therapy

"Due to severe pain in the waist, I could not walk. "After only three treatments of intramuscular irritation, the pain completely subsided."

Δ.Μ. Intramuscular Stimulation - Intramuscular Stimulation

"After acute low back pain I could not walk because of the pain. After only 10 Decompression treatments I was able to return to work "

S.A. Backache - Decompression Therapy

"I was moved by the staff's love for patients and their work."

Τ.Γ. Brain paralysis

"Although I had a serious complication from the operation I underwent (total hip arthroplasty) today I can walk without pain"

B.M. Postoperative rehabilitation

"My wife has Alzheimer's and had surgery on her left hip after a fall. Despite the difficult situation today, he can and does walk home with my help "

Χ.Σ. (patient relative) Postoperative rehabilitation