Day Care

Day care rehabilitation services include a wide range of therapeutic procedures provided in the same area in a structured treatment program in collaboration with the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team. 

The diseases that are covered by Day Care through the insurance body of EOPY are the following:


  1. Extrapyramidal diseases (Parkinson's)
  2. Myopathies - Myasthenia
  3. Diseases of the Peripheral Motor Neuron (polio etc)
  4. Orthopedic diseases in the postoperative stage
  5. Rheumatoid arthritis
  6. Non-specific rheumatic diseases (eg Ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, etc.)
  7. Aloneurodystrophies (RSD, sympathetic reflex dystrophy, etc.)


  1. Multiple Sclerosis
  2. Vascular Strokes
  3. Cerebral palsy (children and adults)
  4. Paraplegia
  5. Quadriplegia
  6. Traumatic brain injury
  7. Polysurneuropathy (Guillain Barre etc)
  8. Degenerative diseases of the CNS (familial spastic paraplegia, peroneal muscle atrophy, hereditary cerebellar ataxia) 

The number of sessions and the duration of recovery - rehabilitation is determined according to the severity of the symptoms of the disease and the type of treatment and can not exceed sixty (60) per year for intermediate stage diseases and eighty (80) for those advanced stage. A detailed opinion of the treating physician is required, stating the type of disease or injury, the severity of the disease, the possible recovery time, the total number of sessions and their frequency. No Daily Hospitalization is granted for rehabilitation beyond 2 years (Presidential Decree No. 383/2002. Designation of a special hospitalization of the Closed and Day Care Recovery and Rehabilitation Centers).

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Nerve - rehabilitation

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Robotic Systems

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Acute and Chronic Pain Clinic

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Headache Trigger points Therapy

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Backache Decompression Therapy