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Rehabilitation Methods

εικόνα μεθόδου

Nerve - rehabilitation

εικόνα μεθόδου

Backache Decompression Therapy

εικόνα μεθόδου

Trigger Points Therapy Headache

εικόνα ασθενή

In the Day Care Rehabilitation Center "Yakinthos" we are by your side, before, during and after the completion of the treatment. We inform you about all the benefits of EOPYY and we work together to complete the required procedures, so that you save time and hassle. But our care and interest do not stop at the end of the treatment. Our team of doctors continues to be informed about the patient's progress, providing counseling support in every step of his reintegration into everyday life. 

How to transport patients

For patients with mobility difficulties, a specially modified vehicle for the disabled and wheelchairs is available at a low cost. For patients with higher independence of movement, the transfer can be done either by their relatives in their own vehicle (free parking), or by public transport (end of city bus “14”)

They said about us

"Due to severe pain in the waist, I could not walk. "After only three treatments of intramuscular irritation, the pain completely subsided."

Δ.Μ. Intramuscular Stimulation - Intramuscular Stimulation

"After acute low back pain I could not walk because of the pain. After only 10 Decompression treatments I was able to return to work "

S.A. Backache - Decompression Therapy

"I was moved by the staff's love for patients and their work."

Τ.Γ. Brain paralysis

"Although I had a serious complication from the operation I underwent (total hip arthroplasty) today I can walk without pain"

B.M. Postoperative rehabilitation

"My wife has Alzheimer's and had surgery on her left hip after a fall. Despite the difficult situation today, he can and does walk home with my help "

Χ.Σ. (patient relative) Postoperative rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation is the set of medical, nursing and therapeutic operations performed by a team of health scientists to address the patient's motor and cognitive problems, aiming at walking, self-care and ultimately a smooth return to family and work. 

    The Day Care Rehabilitation Center is a diagnostic and therapeutic unit of Health, specialized in the treatment of diseases that cause temporary or permanent disability and concern:

    Disabilities: difficulty walking, balance, hand movement and self-care

    Chronic pain problems: of the spine, joints, generalized pain, chronic headache or dizziness

    Disorders of comprehension and expression of speech

    Perception problems: memory, orientation in space and time, face recognition, location

    Behavioral problems: mood swings, depression, aggression, negativity, delirium

    The program is daily and the patient comes daily or as many times a week as defined by the scientific team of the Rehabilitation Center. After the end of the treatment, he returns home and to his familiar environment, which contributes to the improvement of his psychological condition.

    • The first rehabilitation center in Greece since 1994
    • 20 years of experience - Thousands of patients
    • High efficacy rates in our patients
    • Ideal location within the city with easy access from the Thessaloniki Ring Road and wonderful views of the sea and the forest of Sheikh Sou